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Marlon Samuels, CEO of ECOB2TXREALTORS bio image

Marlon Samuels


Marlon Samuels is a passionate leader in the business community. As Chief Executive Officer of MSSM IG, an international investment company that has facilitated and brought multiple investors to Belize. He has earned his reputation as an industry leader in Compliance Procurement Management for over 10 years. He has also garnered substantial experience through his work with Toucan Equipment Company, Tetra, PTS Solutions, and Tech Flow. In addition, Marlon has been the Director/Owner of MMCS International Group and Samuels Transport, which also provide services for the procurement of heavy-duty equipment as well as the import and export of goods for over the past 10 years. As well, Co-Founder/CBDO of EcoGroup successfully acquiring new business and investments for the company. Most recently, have spearheaded ECOB2TXREALTORS as the CEO, facilitating investors in land purchases and projects in Belize. Marlon's family has always been in the facilitation business and working alongside people to ensure their needs are met to be successful. Some activities Marlon enjoys are travelling, meeting new people, swimming, horseback riding, running his business and most of all closing a deal. He is a hard-worker and dislikes when things are not done right the first time, so he dedicates his time to plan accordingly for minimal failures.

Debbie Samuels


Debbie was born in Belize and has always been driven by a passion for hard work and entrepreneurship. From an early age, she started earning money through part-time jobs, including working at a department store during her Christmas break at the age of eleven. Later, she assisted with sales at her mother's home-based catering business. While attending high school and college, Debbie launched her own small import and retail business, offering quality products at competitive prices and quickly building a loyal customer base. After earning her degree in Business Administration, she began working in the banking industry but soon transitioned her career to the airline industry, prioritizing customer satisfaction and treating her employees like family. Throughout her tenure, Debbie received numerous awards and recognition from customers, colleagues, and upper management. Today, Debbie is the Director of ECOB2TXREALTORS, where she combines her diverse experiences and dedication to service and sales to help clients achieve their real estate goals in Belize. She takes pride in ensuring the best possible deals for her clients, whether buying or selling in her beloved country. When not working, Debbie enjoys spending time with her two children, traveling, sampling local cuisine, and watching movies with family and friends.

Keison Samuels, Agent - Ecob2txrealtor

Keison Samuels


My name is Keison Samuels and I strive to be a highly accomplished real estate agent and gain a huge amount of experience while in the industry. I will Accomplish this by displaying unparalleled professionalism, exceptional customer service, and keen eye for detail. Along with a deep understanding of the local market and a commitment to delivering results, I hope to help countless clients achieve their real estate goals by taking a personalized approach to every transaction, working closely with buyers and sellers to understand their needs and create customized strategies that meet their unique requirements. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a property, i will strive to display the expertise needed to close the transaction and in the end, I want to be the ideal choice for anyone looking to make a smart and successful real estate transaction

Gina Waight


Gina is a versatile professional with a diverse background in business, productivity, and creativity. She has achieved success in various fields, including jewelry production and sales, tourism, and massage therapy. Currently, she is the newest member of ECO B2 TXREALTORS, where she continues to apply her strong work ethics, perseverance, and positive attitude to help clients achieve their real estate goals. Gina's extensive network, built through social media, enables her to connect with people from different walks of life and understand their preferences and needs. Her ability to build relationships and communicate effectively is a valuable asset in her current role. Beyond her professional life, Gina is an avid reader and a people person. She enjoys getting to know people and learning about different cultures, which is reflected in her interactions with clients. Her passion for personal growth and development is evident in everything she does.

Kayla Arnold


Introducing Kayla, a driven and enthusiastic young professional with an unwavering passion for real estate. Combining her expertise in sales, marketing, and customer service, she possesses a keen eye for identifying the perfect property tailored to her clients' needs. Known for her exceptional communication skills and meticulous attention to detail, Kayla has established herself as a trusted advisor in our competitive real estate market. Despite her youthful energy and youngest member of the ECOB2TXREALTORS team, she remains dedicated to staying abreast of the latest industry trends, ensuring her clients receive the highest level of service and expertise. When she's not helping her clients achieve their real estate goals, Kayla finds solace in nature walks, exploring new destinations, and indulging in her love for basketball.